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SOS is an international alliance. Because it is the most convenient way to work, we exchange only in English. Except for native speakers, English isn't our mother tongue and we are more or less confortable with depending on our level. Moreover monolinguism raises the issue of imposing a uniform way of seeing the world or reporting the reality. That is not coherent with sustainability. So we should offer the possibility to exchange in other language than English. It would also allow us to touch more people.

At time it is not a urgent issue, but it will become one when SOS will have reached a certain size. So I think we have to think about this issue from now and to see how to get a multilingual plateform, forums and so on, and how to manage that.

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Interesting idea Alain, I think it would be great to encourage discussion in each of our mother tongues. 

It is worth noting that the vast majority of scientific literature and international negotiations on climate change are also solely in English. Perhaps to spread the message more widely - and so the whole world can understand the issues - we need to engage with people in a language they understand.

I agree with this. The language we use acts as a lens for how we see the world. Do you know of any strong network sites that have multilingual posting that we could use as examples of something to aim for?

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